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Learn a Fundamental of Leadership by Watching Soccer!

Reading time: 2 minutes

European Championships Are Here!

During the coming month 24 national soccer teams will compete to become the 2020/21 European Soccer Champions. From the first kickoff on June 11 to the finals a month later there will be a total of 51 games. All will be broadcasted on national and commercial tv stations across Europe and across the world.

Fascinating – Even for The Bookworm

As someone who was always more into books than sports, soccer and the fascination with soccer ha…

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Lead by Contribution not Compliance 

Reading time: 3 minutes

A Paradigm Shift has Happened

Since the beginning of days, leading people meant telling them where to go and what to do and making sure they complied. For the many, who were “far away” from the power, compliance was brought about by fear. For the few whose work meant administering a share of the power, compliance was brought about by agreement or manipulation. 

This “Compliance Paradigm” Doesn’t Work Anymore

Maybe it’s the fact that illiteracy has been largely ab…

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Is Direct Leadership = Stewardship?

Reading time: 3 minutes

Someone Popped a Question

Don’t you love it when someone asks you a truly great question? This happened to me just recently. The question was “Is your Direct Leadership® model a stewardship approach?”

Stewardship - a Familiar Term that has Re-emerged

The term stewardship in an organizational context was first launched around the turn of the milennium. At the time, it didn’t really catch on. I believe that it was simply too early. However, recently the term has be…

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Competencies vs. Leadership Deliverables

Reading time: 4 minutes

The Difference is Obvious 

If you ask a kid in 4th grade about the difference between competencies and deliverables, most will be able to give you a clear answer. A competence is when I can do something well, e.g. I’m good at reading or good at math. Deliverable is the homework that I hand in, my contribution in class or anything else that I produce using my competencies.

If I only have competencies, but don’t hand in homework or take the tests, I will flunk that topic…

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Remote Leadership – how to Stay Relevant and Engaging when Leading from a Distance

Reading time: 3 minutes

Same – But Different

When working with employees remotely, you are essentially required to deliver a timely and engaging day-to-day leadership just as you should if you were in proximity of your employees. But there is one big difference, that makes it more challenging. The communication channels are much narrower.

Since you won’t meet your employees at the coffee machine and in the hallway, you will be exposed to fewer informal cues from your employees about how they …

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Time to Replace Cancellations with Online Training

Reading time: 4 minutes

Right now, Training & Development Staff Everywhere are Being Asked to Postpone and Cancel Training Programs

At the time of writing this blogpost, the Western World is fearful about the consequences of the Covid-19 epidemic. And C-suites are tempted to reach for the auto-pilot from the finance crisis (and every crisis before that) and simply cancel training efforts. But this time it is appropriate to warn against wholesale cancellations of all training and development. …

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When Employees are Leadership Resistant Be Irresistible!

 Reading time: 3 minutes

Some Employees Seem Immune to Leadership

It shows up in various ways. Some employees resist your leadership in a silent unspectacular way. They simply avoid contacting or engaging with you. Others are more openly rebellious and challenge you in various ways.

The Reasons May Vary

There is no single underlying reason why someone is leadership resistant. In fact there can be many reasons:

  • Some people may have been poorly managed in the past.
  • Others have experienced …

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Everyday Leadership is a Craft!

Reading time: 4 minutes 

Knowing the Craft of Leadership is Essential

Do outside pressures and demands on you as a leader seem to steal your attention?

Do you wonder if you’re paying enough attention to your staff?

If so, it’s useful to consider

  1. the purpose of your leadership efforts
  2. the fact that day-to-day leadership is really a craft aimed at that specific purpose

Knowing this craft and its nature will make it clear to you in what instances people need your leadership deliverables …

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When Life Hits Hard, How Do You Sustain Your Leadership?

Reading time: 2 minutes 

As a Leader You Get Particularly Challenged When Life is Difficult

Maybe you’re in the middle of a tough divorce. Maybe a loved one passed away. Or may something else is troubling for you. No matter what the reason is, there are times when the last thing you want is to shoulder more weight or more responsibility.

But your job requires that you do. Because you’re a leader.

So, while your employees are likely to understand and sympathize with you when your personal lif…

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Why Focus on Leadership Deliverables?

Reading time: 3 minutes 

Leadership Surveys Repeatedly Reveal a Deep-Rooted Problem

Over and over leadership surveys and employee satisfaction measurements show that leaders are not perceived as visible and engaging. As a result employees feel ignored while their leaders are uncertain about what to do.  

With the concept of leadership deliverables we provide the tools that allow visible and engaging leadership.

What are Leadership Deliverables?

Leadership deliverables are the substance o…

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