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Choosing Training for Others

Looking to improve leadership practice? For just one or for more people? We know what it involves. And our approach leads to immediate positive change in leadership behaviour.

Unlike consultants who preach that ideally training leaders requires days, we are unbiased. 

If your goal is to give an ultra-short, high-quality “injection” of new leadership insights, we will point to our "Leadership Intensives". They consist of 2-hour modules and combine both depth and learning transfer. 

On the other hand, if you wish a longer program, 1:1 coaching, an online/self-directed program, or a hybrid of Do:Leadership and other content - just tell us, and we'll create the solution that fits your needs. 

Do:Leadership™ is a mindset

A mindset that defines how you interact with people, when you’ve been selected to lead them. The cornerstone of this mindset ...

... is that your job is to help. Help your coworkers perform and thrive. And that doing so is equally on-demand and intention driven. You provide leadership, when the demand arises. And when you do, you choose your focus and your behavior according to what you intend to achieve.

Do:Leadership™ is a model

Leaders are seldomly well prepared to the actual day-to-day elements of day-to-day people leadership. So, we’ve placed...

... the leader’s day-to-day work under a microscope and identified two different sets of competencies: 

  • 7 roles (areas of responsibility)
  • 4 styles (ways to interact with employees)

No matter if the organization is implementing a new strategy, dealing with change and disruption or on-boarding a new generation of employees. With this model and the accompanying tools a) leaders are fully equipped to grapple with whatever day-to-day challenges come their way and b) organizations may rely on leaders to know, what it takes to guide and support their staff

Do:Leadership™ is a method

We also call it the CATCH-ASSESS-SELECT method:

The Do:Leadership method says that you should:

  • CATCH the leadership opportunities on your radar
  • ASSESS what work perspectives are involved
  • SELECT an intervention approach

The result? Clear and consistent leadership action!

Do:Leadership® integrates seamlessly with other approaches

Good and effective everyday leadership relies on several skill sets:

  • the leader understands his/her the context (including national and/or corporate culture)
  • the leader understands human motivation and relationship preferences
  • the leader acts with integrity and inspires trust

But none of these will be translated into day-to-day, real-time presence unless the leader understands the leadership deliverables.

The first three come in many shapes and formats mainly based on personality models or competency frameworks.

The latter - the deliverables perspective - you can only find in Do:Leadership®.

This unique focus on leadership deliverables means that the Direct Leadership model and method integrates easily and seamlessly with all other known approaches to increasing leadership effectiveness.

Want an Overview of the Existing Programs?

Our Do:Leadership Intensives

A leadership intensive is a highly intensive training, composed of two or three modules each lasting only 2 hours. They may be delivered as face-to-face programs or webinars. And they are perfect for most leaders, because we also ensure a hands-on instruction in how to translate those insights into new habits and daily leadership practice. Here's a list of what we're currently offering, but challenge us, and we'll create the intensive program you're dreaming of. 

  • Being Leader is Doing Leadership- 3 modules 
  • Leading Project Teams - 3 modules
  • Self-Leadership - 2 modules 
  • The New Leader - 3 modules  
  • Trim your Team (yes, teambuilding can also be intensive) - 3 modules for actual teams
  • Leading Other Leaders - 2 modules 

The Do:Leadership Diagnostic 

Our Do:Leadership Mastery Test is designed to show: 

  • To what degree the leader pays attention to the day-to-day leadership opportunities
  • How aware they are of each facet of the leader's roles in relation to their reports
  • If they master the three essential action styles of initiator, coach and referee

Our Enrichment Programs

For those who wish to expand their understanding of leadership opportunities, roles and action styles beyond the Do:Leadership Intensives, we offer two fully-online, self-paced programs: 

And if your needs go beyond these or you wish a solution tailored to your specific needs, let's talk. You can reach us at +4522120787 (Karin Zastrow) or +4553760888 (Hanne Roulund) or on 

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