Learn a Fundamental of Leadership by Watching Soccer!

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European Championships Are Here!

During the coming month 24 national soccer teams will compete to become the 2020/21 European Soccer Champions. From the first kickoff on June 11 to the finals a month later there will be a total of 51 games. All will be broadcasted on national and commercial tv stations across Europe and across the world.

Fascinating – Even for The Bookworm

As someone who was always more into books than sports, soccer and the fascination with soccer has always been a mystery to me, until I began asking people to reveal the reason for their fascination. This taught me to look for more than just the art and craft of playing the game, but also to see how trust, the teamwork and creativity plays an essential part.

A Challenge

Today I want to challenge you to look for an additional layer of the game. A layer that can teach you a fundamental leadership skill.

I’ll Give You a Clue

I’m not asking you to look at the coaches. Nor at the referees.

Our organization advocates a leadership that contributes to the team’s combined performance. In this perspective, a leader must cultivate a particular skill. One that every world class soccer player must possess and apply at every minute during every one of those games.

Watch, Enjoy – and Learn

So, watch the games, cheer for your team. But also … observe the players.

Tell What You Observe

We would love to discuss this and other areas where leadership compares to soccer with you, so please drop a comment about what you see as the most important similarity between being a soccer player and being a leader. 

Want More Clues?

Feel free to check our website for further clues to our thinking.


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