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Direct Leadership - Master the Leadership Deliverables

Direct Leadership® – The Essential Leadership Deliverables 

Lead with Confidence | Engage Employees

This online course covers the day-to-day leadership deliverables of leading employees. When mastering the leadership deliverables, the leader has a vehicle to put his or her competencies into practice in a way that engages and motivates employees on a day-to-day basis. 

It covers the core of day-to-day leadership deliverables:  

• Leadership Opportunities 
• Leadership Roles 
• Leadership Styles  

The video lessons and accompanying workbook allows the leader to practise and implement his or her new skills step-by-step.  

This course is fully online, self-paced and can be taken whenever the leader as time. Expect to spend 3-4 hours to complete this course. 

Price: 598 € - Available in English & Danish

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Remote Direct Leadership 700x380

Remote Direct Leadership® - The Online Crash Course

Speak with Clarity | Engage All Employees

The program is designed for everyone who are leading remote employees - no matter if this is a temporary or a permanent situation.

The course gives the essentials of remote leadership plus a set of communication tools that quickly bring leaders up to speed in leading remote work. 

The video lessons and accompanying Easy-Reference-Guide allows the leader to reflect on and implement his or her new skills step-by-step. 

This course is fully online, self-paced and can be taken whenever the leader has time. Expect to spend a little more than 1 hour to complete this course. 

Price: 118 €   Available in English & Danish

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The Direct Leadership® Mastery Test

Know your Impact | Focus your Development

The test report shows how you master the Leadership Deliverables as defined in the Direct Leadership® model and literature. 

The test result will show:

  • areas of your leadership where you can relax and enjoy that you already master the job
  • if a particular role needs more attention
  • if one of the 4 styles requires that you learn some new skills
  • if any of the role/style-combinations is particularly challenging to you

Price: 52 € - Available in English, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese and Indonesian.

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Direct Leadership Blended Learning 700 x 380

Direct Leadership® Premium Blend

Online Program | Mastery Test | 1:1 Coaching

This program is for those who want the best of digital learning and coaching.  

The blend is composed of online self-studies, a test that gives a baseline for the coaching and a series of four 1:1 coaching sessions conducted by one of our certified Direct Leadership® Trainers.

First you take the 7 video classes and learn how to tackle your everyday leadership challenges with the unique leadership deliverables model and the CATCH-ASSESS-SELECT method.

Then you fill in the Direct Leadership® Mastery Test and agree with your Coach what specific Roles or Styles you want him/her to help you strengthen.

Price: 1898 €
- Online Program
available in English and Danish
- Mastery Test
available in English, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese and Indonesian.
- 1:1 Coaching available in English, Spanish, German, French, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese and Indonesian.

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Facilitator Certification - Direct Leadership 700x380

Direct Leadership® Facilitator Certification

Expand your Impact | Increase your Income

As an authorized Direct Leadership® Facilitator you have access to:

  • Teaching Direct Leadership programs in classical class-room format
  • Offering Direct Leadership programs as blended learning
  • Coaching leaders in the Direct Leadership method
  • Administering the Direct Leadership® Mastery Test to your clients
  • Obtaining a generous sales commission when you include the Direct Leadership® Online Training in your delivery

Price: 2800 €   - Available in English
New: Online certification at reduced price

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Direct Leadership® training is available worldwide in several languages

Direct Leadership® training & coaching exists in 8 languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Spanish, Swedish, Danish and Dutch. To purchase Direct Leadership® classroom training, blended learning or coaching please contact one of our Certified Direct Leadership® Trainers