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If you are looking for a local trainer or a coach who can teach Direct Leadership either in class-room format or in 1:1 sessions, click on Certified Direct Leadership® Trainers. 

If you are an HR-professional, wanting to become a certified trainer, a local distribution partner or simply a sales affiliate, click on Become a Direct Leadership® Partner.  

Certified Direct Leadership® Trainers and Facilitators

All our Certified Trainers and Facilitators can offer different training formats: online | offline | blended  learning. Find a partner in a country near you.

Become a Direct Leadership® Partner

Becoming a Certified Direct Leadership® Facilitator is one way to join our partner community. However, we also offer other kinds of partnership, such as Affiliate Sales Partner and Distribution Partnerships. 


Direct Leadership® Distribution Partners 

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Business Consultants Inc.

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Quidam Global 

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