Being a Leader Is Really Quite Simple…

All You Must Do Is "Get People To Collaborate!”

This morning I read an interview with a retired army colonel. He complained that the world is overflowing with useless research and advice on leadership, because as he said “it’s really just a matter of getting people to collaborate!”

A Common (Over)Simplification

This isn’t the first time I’ve come across consultants who accuse other consultants of overcomplicating the subject. Nor is it the first time that people involved in tackling emergencies, come forward to oversimplify leadership.

And Still the Guy's Got a Point

Because there is definitely a lot of programs that point the leader into all kinds of directions rather than focusing on the job that must be done on a day-to-day basis. 

Leadership Experts With a Narrow or Overly Simplistic Take on Things ... Leave Leaders Out To Dry

It's true that for years ... leadership development programs have generally indulged in improving the leader’s ability to create and convey meaning for him/herself and for employees. Whereas programs focusing on the “what” and the “how”were frowned upon.

However, boiling this down to “just getting people to collaborate” is also not right.

In fact, both approaches are failing all the leaders whose day-to-day work is supporting and engaging employees.

Leaders Deserve Better

If you're a team leader, a project leader or a middle manager you KNOW that there's more to your day-to-day-work than "just making people collaborate" or "just self-developing until you've become your  authentic or charismatic best version of yourself".

But maybe you'd also like to get an overview of the tools of your trade.

Or if you're someone whose job is to develop and support leaders, maybe you'd like to give your leaders such an overview. 

In either case, we can help. 

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