Your #1 Leadership Lesson from Soccer!

All Right, All Right... 

All right, we admit it. We're bigger enthusiasts about soccer when our national team performs like they did this week. And a 5-minute video clip from Denmark's European Mastership 2020/21 match with Russia are a perfect to illustrate the challenge we raised last week: 

....  look for an additional layer of the game. A layer that can teach you a fundamental leadership skill...

What We Want You to Notice 

The way to contribute to the team results starts by noticing the opportunities

In soccer you are looking for opportunities to score, help someone else to score or prevent the other team from scoring.

In Leadership You Are Looking for Leadership Opportunities to Help your Employees Perform

And just like any player in a soccer game, leaders must be alert at all times to where the opportunities are - and sometimes create the opportunities. 

It's as simple as that. 

Watch and See What We Mean...

Now, enjoy watching the highlight of the Denmark-Russia game and see if you don't agree:

Agree With Us?

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