When Life Hits Hard, How Do You Sustain Your Leadership?

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As a Leader You Get Particularly Challenged When Life is Difficult

Maybe you’re in the middle of a tough divorce. Maybe a loved one passed away. Or may something else is troubling for you. No matter what the reason is, there are times when the last thing you want is to shoulder more weight or more responsibility.

But your job requires that you do. Because you’re a leader.

So, while your employees are likely to understand and sympathize with you when your personal life is challenging, they still need you to remain responsive to them in a way that creates clarity and meaningful guidance.


Mastery of The Leadership Deliverables is a Life-Saver

The leadership deliverables model – as defined by Direct Leadership® – is a structural and operational backbone. 

Leadership deliverables are defined as your interaction with employees whenever a leadership opportunity occurs. 

To guide this interaction Direct Leadership® provides a model that combines 7 roles with 4 styles. 

The model specifies what responsibilities and topics you need to address with your team members and shows the choices you have regarding how you approach the people involved in a given situation. 

At the same time it is a method that you can use as a decision funnel

  • Initially you scan your surroundings for leadership opportunities.
  • When you have caught a leadership opportunity you decide what role relates to the situation.
  • Then you select the relevant action style. 

The Direct Leadership® Method Makes Day-To-Day Leadership Clear and Consistent 

Whenever your interaction with an employee or a group is guided by the Direct Leadership® method, you are producing direct-day-to-day leadership.

It’s as simple as that. 

  • You catch the leadership opportunities when they present themselves
  • You are clear about which area of responsibility you want to address
  • You make your intentions with the employee(s) clear

And in the long run, that’s what your employees and bosses will reward you for. 


Master the Method Before Life Hits You Hard 

Your leadership performance is a direct result of mastering the leadership deliverables. 

But the time to learn and train them is when life is smooth. Not when the road has become bumpy.  

So, make sure to get on top of those leadership deliverables before trouble finds you. 

The easiest path to mastery is to take the online course Direct Leadership® - The Essential Leadership Deliverables. After less than half a day, you can start to implement the model and keep your leadership performance high.

Learn more about the online course Direct Leadership® - The Essential Leadership Deliverables here.


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