Why Focus on Leadership Deliverables?

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Leadership Surveys Repeatedly Reveal a Deep-Rooted Problem

Over and over leadership surveys and employee satisfaction measurements show that leaders are not perceived as visible and engaging. As a result employees feel ignored while their leaders are uncertain about what to do.  

With the concept of leadership deliverables we provide the tools that allow visible and engaging leadership.

What are Leadership Deliverables?

Leadership deliverables are the substance of a leader’s interaction with employees whenever a leadership opportunity occurs.To guide that behaviour and ensure that the leader covers the entire ground of his/her responsibility, there are 7 leadership roles and 4 leadership styles.

Why Deliverables?

Leadership competencies and personal development are the traditional focal points for leadership development, so why focus on leadership deliverables

Most leaders appreciate a clear model and method, that: 

  • Clearly identifies the discipline of leading people
  • Provides an operational, tangible set of focal points for their work 

Competency and personal development training doesn’t provide this clarity.

A Focus on Leadership Deliverables Provides Direction and Leads to Changed Leadership Behaviour

When leaders turn their attention to leadership deliverables, they will see how their interactions with employees may be shaped to fit every situation by “turning” just 2 sets of “handles”: 

  • The 7 Leadership Roles
  • The 4 Leadership Styles 

And they will learn to recognize a leadership opportunity every time one occurs:

  • Among staff members
  • Among leader and staff
  • In other organizational units of relevance to their work

While competency and personal development may undoubtedly improve a leader’s underlying skills for the job, the only way to turn them into relevant action goes over the leadership deliverables.

Leadership Deliverables Permit a Discussion that Doesn’t Otherwise Happen

A further advantage of introducing the notion of leadership deliverables into the organization is that it permits a pragmatic conversation across your organization that doesn’t otherwise happen.

When standards for leadership performance are defined by competencies or personality criteria, a discussion about the quality of our leadership easily becomes emotionally charged.

This leads the people involved to hold back, because they don’t want the colleague, whose efforts are in focus to feel criticized. 

But talking about leadership deliverables should be an uneventful, pragmatic discussion about facts and measures to apply:   

  • Are we achieving what we want?
  • What can we do to improve? 

In this discussion, whether the leader possesses the competencies or the personality to excel is not in question. So nobody needs to feel that the leader is under attack or being criticized.


Direct Leadership® Provides the Tools to be a Visible and Engaging Leader

Direct Leadership® is the only model with a clear focus on leadership deliverables.

Mastery of the leadership deliverables is the only way to operationalize all earlier and future training.

Direct Leadership® comes in many study formats: 

  • Direct Leadership® - The Essential Leadership Deliverables – our 3 hour fully video based online course
  • The Direct Leadership® Workshop – our workshop format training, which is popular for in-house training and exists in 8 languages
  • The Direct Leadership® Blended Learning – a program that starts with the online program and continues with one or more short workshops or 1:1 individual implementation support
  • The Direct Leadership® Trainer Certification – for professionals who wish to join our community of certified trainers who may deliver all study formats
  • The Direct Leadership® Mastery Test – the self-assessment for leaders who wish a quick access to identify the quality of their own performance

And in the pipeline we have : 

  • The Direct Leadership® 360 Degree Assessment – the test that compares the leader’s self-assessment with that of his surroundings
  • The Direct Leadership® Pocket Tool – the APP that supports the leader in tackling any given situation

Do you want to master the leadership deliverables? Learn it online in a few hours with Direct Leadership® - The Essential Leadership Deliverables.


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