Direct Leadership Learning and Training Formats

- English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Danish, Swedish and Dutch

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Direct Leadership® Online Program - Master the Leadership Deliverables 

Lead with Confidence | Engage Employees

This is our English spoken, fully online course in the Direct Leadership® mindset, model and method. The 7 video classes take you through the essentials of the leadership deliverables:  
• Leadership Opportunities 
• Leadership Roles 
• Leadership Styles  
The accompanying workbook allows you to practise and implement your new skills step-by-step.  

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Direct Leadership® Blended Learning

Combine & Customize

Combine the online course with face-to-face sessions facilitated by a local Direct Leadership Trainer.

Most certified Direct Leadership® trainers offer the option of combining the online course with classroom workshops. Either with more additional Direct Leadership training or with other materials

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Direct Leadership® - 1:1 Learning

Individualize & Implement

With a local certified trainer you also have the option of topping up the Direct Leadership® Online Program with a series of exclusive 1:1 sessions.

Maybe you want a few additional classes focusing on how to apply a role or a style. Or maybe you have been struggling with how to apply the method in relation to a particular employee or group of employees.

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Direct Leadership® Coaching

Coach & Facilitate Learning

Yet another option is to conclude your online studies of the Direct Leadership Method with a series of coaching sessions.

Most of our certified trainers also offer coaching sessions, where you may use Direct Leadership as your approach to handling the leadership challenges.

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Direct Leadership® Mastery Test   

Know your Impact | Focus your Development

The Direct Leadership®  Mastery Test Report shows how you master the LEADERSHIP DELIVERABLES as defined in the Direct Leadership® model and literature.

The test result will show:

  • areas of your leadership where you can relax and enjoy that you already master the job
  • if a particular role needs more attention
  • if one of the 4 styles requires that you learn some new skills
  • if any of the role/style-combinations is particularly challenging to you

Contact us to buy the test:

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Remote Direct Leadership® - The Online Crash Course

Speak with Clarity | Engage All Employees

The program is designed for everyone who are leading remote employees - no matter if this is a temporary or a permanent situation.

The course gives the essentials of remote leadership plus a set of communication tools that quickly bring leaders up to speed in leading remote work. 

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Direct Leadership® Textbooks

English | Danish | (Chinese)

The first (Danish) version of the Direct Leadership textbook came out in 2009, and was followed by a 2nd edition in 2013.

The English translation first came out in 2010 and is sold out. The 2nd edition followed in 2019. 

In 2020 we expect to release a 1st edition of the Chinese book. 

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Direct Leadership® Pocket Tool

Want an easy-access tool? 

Get Direct Leadership® on your smartphone.

With the pocket tool, you only need to reach for your smart phone to help you understand employee behavior in Direct Leadership terms and assist you in assessing the leadership responsibilities involved and selecting the best action style.