The Insight Serials

The Insights Serials are selections of blog posts and articles written by Karin Zastrow and others over the years. Each anthology is focused on a particular theme. The 3 anthologies give you easy access to the logic and implementation of Direct Leadership® in various situations. The cost is low and they may be purchased one by one or together.

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Dare to Deliver Direct Leadership

Leadership Deliverables | Designed to engage employees

Learn why a leader must embrace all facets of the job and be alert to the leadership opportunities.

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Direct Leadership in a Macro Perspective 

Leadership Deliverables | Implementing Change

Understand why - in times of rapid and disruptive change - top management should see and monitor middle management’s day-to-day leadership like any other particular set of deliverables. 

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What Sort of Leadership Footprints do you Make?

Your Leadership Deliverables | Your Legacy

What kind of leader do you want to be to the people that report to you? Reflect on the day-to-day leadership deliverables and choose how you want to be remembered by the people whose lives you have affected.