After a Spring with Coronavirus – What Have We Learned?

Nobody Can Deny It – Life's Been Rather Different This Spring

In one way or another, we’ve all felt the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. Far too many people have had disaster in their families or at their doorsteps. Like our it-supporter in Brazil who wrote to me the other day “3 neighbours and a distant relative have died, and …”.

I sincerely hope that for you the effects have been nothing like his. 

However, even if we haven’t had disaster this close to home, I don’t think anyone can deny that life has been and still is different compared to what used to be the norm.

That’s Why This Blog Post is Not About My Thoughts and Solutions ...

It’s an INVITATION to Take a Look into the Leadership Mirror and Reflect on What the Coronavirus Period has Meant for Leaders.

More precisely, I'd like to ask you 4 questions. 

Let me start by giving you a taste of what I'm after. Here’s what a leader I spoke with a few days ago said:

The most difficult for me has been… 

My reduced ability to sense how my employees are doing, when we only meet online.

A positive effect for me was…

The possibility to dig deeper into things, because I haven’t been interrupted as much as I would have been during a day at the office.

I believe the biggest concerns for my employees have been….

Initially: the uncertainty about how things would develop. Later: the challenges of navigating online

One thing I’d like to hold on to from this period…

Once I learned to manage  the increased workload and allow myself some breaks, I’ve actually enjoyed working in this way.

Now It’s Your Turn! 

  1. What's been difficult for you during the Covid19 period?
  2. Did you also experience a positive change? If so, please describe it.
  3. In your view, what have the changes meant for your employees (or colleagues)?
  4. Is there something you'd like to hold on to from this period? If so, what is it? 

Here’s What To Do…

Write your reply in the comment field on the blog.

Alternatively, if you wish to remain anonymous, you can just send your replies to

PS! It's also OK to answer just one or some of the questions.

What We'll Do with Your Replies?

After August 14th, we will collect every reply received, summarise them, and share the result.

As a minimum, we will publish the result on our LinkedIn and Facebook Company Pages and personal LinkedIn pages. So, if you want to make sure to see the result, go to LinkedIn Direct Leadership® Page and click follow.

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